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Beware of Fire Inspection Scams!

Most people have been targeted by (and some people may have fallen prey to) scammers in the past, but this is a new low. Reports are coming in all over the country about fake fire inspectors claiming to be working on behalf of the city. They come into your building, putz around for a while, then leave you with a bill for a few hundred dollars. The damages from fire inspection scams hit you twice – not only did you waste a bunch of money, but your fire protection system didn’t get inspected, meaning it could have some damage you’re not aware of!

What do fire inspection scammers do?

Avoiding fire inspector scams can be tricky, as they will often show up to your home or building in fake uniforms with fake badges. However, they often come in unmarked vans or personal cars that don’t bear any identification, such as a Confires logo. When they arrive, they may perform a cursory inspection of the premises, including a check for brush clearance or a very basic safety inspection. They will often get a signature and leave, sending you a bill in the mail later. Frequently, they will send over three invoices. If this happens to you, immediately notify your local police department. You may even want to discretely call the police while the supposed “fire inspectors” are in your building.

How do you avoid fire inspection scams?

The trick to avoiding these fire inspection scammers is to make sure you only schedule your fire sprinkler, fire alarm or fire extinguisher inspections with a company you can trust. If anyone comes to your door offering fire inspections on behalf of the city or your local fire rescue department, send them back on their way – a reputable company will not go door-to-door offering services. Also, don’t let anyone into your home or building before they offer proper identification. If there is any doubt, ask them to wait outside while you check with an appropriate authority. At Confires, we guarantee a reliable fire inspection every time you call us. Our fire inspectors will always show up at your door in uniform, driving a Confires van.

As the year winds down, many people are having their annual NJ fire inspections. This is a prime time for scammers – take necessary precautions to avoid risk, and to be as safe as possible, call Confires for your fire inspection needs!

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