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Benefits of Fire Alarm Monitoring

A properly installed and maintained fire alarm system will protect the people inside your building and alert you to evacuate in the event of a fire. But what happens if the alarm sounds after business hours, when no one is around?

Having a fire alarm system is a start, but for maximum protection, you want someone looking after your building 24/7. And for that, you’ll need fire alarm monitoring.

The Basics of Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring provides a relay between your building and emergency services. When your alarm goes off, a signal is sent to an offsite monitoring company, who in turn notifies emergency services. The whole process usually takes less than a minute and can be the difference between a building saved and a building lost.

What are the benefits of fire alarm monitoring?

Fires are unpredictable and can increase immensely in scale in an extremely short amount of time. The faster you can get help to your building, the more likely you are to being able to save your business. As an added bonus, fire alarm monitoring usually notifies the fire department of your emergency more quickly than you would be able to yourself, even if you were present.

Having a monitored fire alarm can help you even if you are in the building when an emergency occurs. During a fire, you have enough to worry about—fire alarm monitoring takes one more thing off your mind so you and everyone else in your building can focus on evacuating.

Alarm monitoring can help protect you from other emergencies as well, including carbon monoxide leaks, burglaries or intruders, and other potential life safety concerns. Finally, having a monitored alarm can help you qualify for insurance discounts.

Next to having a working fire sprinkler system, fire alarm monitoring is one of the best things you can do to keep your building safe. If you want more information about fire alarm monitoring, call Confires today! We have been keeping businesses throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and Philadelphia safe for over 30 years.

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