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Day-to-Day Fire Protection Solutions in NJ & DE

Posted on: August 22, 2016

Fire protection should be a top priority for all business owners and building managers. If you run a company out of New Jersey or Delaware, turn to Confires for all your day-to-date fire protection needs. We offer all the solutions you require to keep your building safe in case of fire.

If you need fire protection system installation, inspection, monitoring, maintenance, repair, or replacement, call Confires today at 888-228-0917!

Fire Sprinkler Systems

The single most responsive way to put out a fire, especially if no one’s present, is with fire sprinklers. These are designed to activate within 30 to 60 seconds of a fire igniting, often containing or fully extinguishing the blaze even before the fire department arrives.

Fire Extinguishers

Sometimes a quick response from a trained employee can put out a small blaze before it becomes a real threat. This requires you to have the correct type of fire extinguishers installed in the proper locations. Maintenance and testing also ensures you’re never left without protection when you need it.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

The hazards found in commercial kitchens are unique, so they require a special type of fire suppression system. The fire protection experts at Confires can assess the needs of your commercial kitchen and make sure to install a suppression system that’s up to code. Ongoing maintenance also ensures code compliance in the years come.

Clean-Agent Fire Suppression Systems

For computer rooms, airplane hangars, museums, and other buildings with delicate electronics or artifacts, water isn’t the right fire extinguishing solution. You need clean-agent fire suppression, such as FM-200, to protect sensitive equipment in your building – not just from fire, but from the damaging effects of water as well.

Fire Alarms

They may not actively put out fires, but alarm systems are vital for building safety. Proper installation and ongoing maintenance over the years provides peace of mind for employees and customers who do business with you. Confires also offers fire alarm monitoring to ensure your building is protected 24/7.

Exit & Emergency

Along with alarms telling people to evacuate the building, it’s also imperative to have the proper signage telling people where to go. Emergency lighting facilitates an efficient, organized evacuation of your building. Even if a power outage affects regular overhead lighting, backup batteries in emergency light systems ensure exit signs continue to glow.

Your Fire Protection Solutions in NJ & DE

If you have a building in the New Jersey or Delaware area, get in touch with the team at Confires today. Our team has the experience and expertise to make sure your building or restaurant is prepared for the worst.

Call 888-228-0917 to speak with one of our fire protection experts today!

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