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Fire Sprinklers Save Apartment Building in Philadelphia, PA

Posted on: July 11, 2013

Residents of the University Crossings apartments, an off-campus living community at Drexel University in Philadelphia, were evacuated after a fire sprinkler system was activated. The sprinklers were activated by a candle that tipped over in one unit at a little before 7:45pm on June 25th.

According to University Crossings representative Larry Greenberg, “The fire actually did not do much damage because the sprinkler engaged so quickly, as it was designed to do.”

Water from the fire sprinklers resulted in minor damages to 14 units in the apartment complex, with no injuries reported—a number that could have been much higher had the fire been given a chance to escalate. Drexel University student Brett Rosen, a resident of the University Crossings apartments, reports “The situation in my room was not as bad as I had thought, and the damage was not difficult to summarize.” Damage was limited mostly to carpets and drywall.

As this incident at Drexel and hundreds of incidents in the past have shown, having a fire sprinkler system in place is absolutely critical for keeping your building safe from potentially devastating fires. Confires has been installing and maintaining fire sprinklers in buildings throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and Philadelphia for more than 30 years. If you have a building you need to keep safe from fires, call Confires today!

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