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Fire Extinguisher Requirements for New Buildings

Posted on: September 20, 2011

Buying fire extinguishers for new buildings can be tricky – between the selection process, figuring out where to install them, finally buying them and then having to maintain them, it’s a very detailed process that can add more stress to constructing a new building. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be hard! Just study up on these fire extinguisher requirements for new buildings and your fire extinguisher installation process will be totally painless.

Fire Extinguisher Requirements – Fire Extinguisher Selection

As the manager or supervisor of the new building, the first thing you will be responsible for is selecting the type of fire extinguisher for your new building. If you call Confires, we can work with you to choose the exact types of fire extinguishers you’ll need, but to get started, think about:

  • The size of the area you need to cover with fire extinguishers. This will determine the number of extinguishers you need.
  • The types of possible fires you’ll see and the classes of fire extinguishers you’ll need. Remember: A – wood, paper, etc.; B – flammable liquids; C – electrical fires; D – flaming metals.
  • The weight of the fire extinguishers. Heavier fire extinguishers will be able to hold more extinguishing agent, but they will be more difficult to maneuver (unless you choose a wheeled extinguisher).
  • The type of equipment located in the area and the effect that the extinguishing agent could have on it. For example, if you have sensitive computer equipment in an area, a dry chemical fire extinguisher could do as much damage as the actual fire!

Fire Extinguisher Requirements – Fire Extinguisher Location

When installing fire extinguishers in a new building, it is extremely important that you install them in the right location. After all, your extinguisher won’t be much good to you if you can’t get to it quickly! The NFPA requires that fire extinguishers be installed

  • Within easy reach of storage areas for flammables
  • Close enough together that a person does not have to travel more than 75 ft to reach one

In addition, you have to make sure that your fire extinguishers aren’t blocked by furniture or debris, and that they are conspicuously located (i.e. not in a closet or behind the drapes) and immediately available in the event of a fire. For best results, place your fire extinguisher along normal paths of travel, particularly near exits and where they will not be obscured from view.

Fire Extinguisher Requirements – Purchase and Installation

Once you’ve worked with a Confires fire protection technician to determine the ideal types of and locations for your fire extinguishers, it’s time to make the purchase. We recommend you buy all your fire extinguishers at once – not only will this make them easier to install, but you’ll also get a pretty great discount for buying in bulk!

Fire Extinguisher Requirements – Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Don’t forget that after your fire extinguishers have been installed, they need proper maintenance to make sure they’ll hold up through the years! You can do the monthly fire extinguisher maintenance on your own, but for your yearly service, call Confires!

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