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Fire Protection Company Owner Arrested in Norfolk, VA

Posted on: January 27, 2012

File this one under reasons why you should hire a reputable fire protection services company instead of shopping on price: recently the owner of Atlas Fire Protection in Norfolk, VA was arrested and charged with failure to perform testing in accordance with approved standards. According to the news report on, Atlas offered prices way under the normal cost for most fire protection systems inspections. However, says Norfolk Fire-Rescue Battalion Chief Harry Worley, the business owner confessed to “just putting stickers on the bottles and sending them out again.”

Officials in the Norfolk, Virginia area are being urged to contact their local Fire Marshal’s Office if they had their fire protection systems installed or inspected by Atlas Fire Protection. Fortunately, there have been no fires reported in businesses affected by the company.

Fire protection is extremely important for your building, and choosing the right fire protection services company is only the first step. As a business owner, you are primarily responsible for taking care of your fire extinguishers. This includes making sure they are mounted, inspected monthly and not blocked (in 2010, companies were fined anywhere from $49,210 to $1.9 million for fire extinguisher violations!). Surprisingly, the most common violation was not providing employees with fire extinguisher training!

If you need fire protection system installation, inspection or repair, make sure you go with a company you know you can trust. Confires has been one of New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia’s most trusted fire protection companies for more than 30 years. If you need fire protection services, call us today!

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