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Fire Protection for Delaware Hospitals

Posted on: February 14, 2017

Hospitals have more challenging fire protection needs than other commercial buildings. After all, some patients may be unable to walk, and others rely on life support systems that can’t be moved. The immobility of some patients makes evacuation difficult, which stresses how critical fire protection is for the safety of your Delaware hospital.

Know the Hospital’s Fire Risks

For adequate fire protection, you must first know what ignites hospital blazes in the first place. The National Fire Protection Association states that cooking equipment is the most significant fire risk in US healthcare facilities, accounting for more than two-thirds of all fires in these buildings. 5,650 healthcare facility fires each year cause about four civilian deaths, 160 civilian injuries, and $45 million in property damage.

Fortunately, hospital fires tend to remain confined to a small area of the building, thanks to strict fire codes. This is why relatively few people lose their lives, and minimal property damage occurs in hospital fires each year. Still, even a single death is one too many, so we continue to optimize fire protection for hospitals in Delaware.

Install & Maintain Fire Protection Equipment

First, you need a fire protection professional like Confires to install equipment in your Delaware hospital. Then, you must continue to inspect, maintain, repair, and replace these systems as needed. Confires services the following fire protection equipment for hospitals:

Implement a Hospital Fire Safety Plan

It’s not enough just to install fire protection equipment. For maximum effectiveness, you must also implement a hospital fire safety plan, including the following:

  • Provide fire extinguisher training for every new staff member who joins your team. Then, repeat training once a year to make sure everyone can confidently use a fire extinguisher.
  • Create an evacuation plan, which should outline protocols for escorting or carrying patients to safety; activating the nearest pull station; extinguishing flames with a nearby extinguisher; closing doors to confine the fire if it grows too large; and evacuating to a predetermined area outside the building. Everyone employed at your hospital should know how to implement this plan.

Choose Confires to Protect Your Delaware Hospital from Fire

Whether you need help installing fire protection equipment in a new hospital, recharging fire extinguishers following a recent incident, or helping you formulate a code-compliant fire safety plan, Confires is here for you. We can help with every aspect of your fire protection efforts.

For more information, or to schedule fire protection services for your Delaware hospital, contact Confires today. Our experience serving New Jersey and Delaware customers dates back over 30 years.

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