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Fire Protection for Delaware Restaurants

Posted on: September 13, 2016

Delaware restaurant owners such as yourself have a duty to your customers to not just to provide high quality, great-tasting food, but to protect them from harm if a fire breaks out.

Based on reports from the National Fire Protection Association, about 7,640 fires occur in restaurants nationwide each year. Each year, these blazes result in two civilian casualties, 115 civilian injuries, and $246 million in direct property damage. You can prevent your Delaware restaurant from joining these statistics by taking proper fire protection measures today.

Fire Risks in Delaware Restaurants

The best way to protect against restaurant fires is to understand what ignites them. Cooking equipment starts fires in 57 percent of cases, which makes sense considering that open flames, high temperatures and flammable cooking fuels are commonplace in restaurant kitchens. Of course, this means the kitchen area is the most important place for fire protection protocols.

Train Your Restaurant Staff to Protect Against Fire

The first technique for protecting your restaurant from fire is to prevent a blaze from igniting in the first place. This requires you to train your staff in fire prevention techniques. Steps such as keeping the kitchen clean, never leaving cooking food unattended, and rolling up long sleeves while cooking are all ways to prevent fire. Then, keeping exit routes clear, activating the fire alarm at the first sign of a blaze, and knowing how to use a fire extinguisher helps ensure everyone’s safety if a fire starts.

Protect Your Delaware Restaurant with Fire Protection Equipment

Delaware fire codes require commercial kitchens to include certain fire protection equipment. At Confires, we specialize in every aspect of fire protection for your restaurant. Our commercial kitchen services include:

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

We install, replace, and inspect the automatic fire suppression system in your restaurant kitchen. We begin with careful system design using CAD drawings to ensure the installation complies with Delaware fire codes. If your existing system is outdated, we can replace it with an up-to-code version. Then, in the years to come, choose Confires to inspect your system and make repairs if necessary.

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Installation

Don’t take fire safety lightly. Protect your Delaware restaurant with a kitchen hood fire suppression system professionally installed by Confires.

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Inspections

If you already have a commercial kitchen vent hood system in place, don’t let it fall into neglect. Regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs from Confires ensure adequate fire protection when you need it.

Contact Confires for Fire Protection Services in Delaware

Whether you’re in the process of building a new restaurant or expanding your current location, Delaware restaurant fire protection is vital for ensuring code compliance and fire safety. This is the right time to protect your restaurant and the people in it!

For fire suppression system installation, replacement or inspection, please contact Confires today. We have over 30 years of experience providing fire protection for restaurant owners in New Jersey and Delaware .

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