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Fire Protection for New Jersey Government Buildings

Posted on: August 10, 2016

From the New Jersey State House in Trenton to local courthouses, post offices, and city halls across the state, government buildings have the important job of providing civic services to residents in the area. Like any other structure, fire risks are very real in government buildings. It’s important to take the necessary steps to mitigate risk and prevent loss of life or property damage.

Fire Protection for New Jersey Government Buildings

New Jersey fire codes require all buildings to have certain fire protection systems in place. At Confires, we offer every type of fire protection your government building could possibly need. Not only do we install equipment, but we also inspect, monitor, maintain, repair, and replace systems as needed.

  • Fire sprinklers: Optimal for suppressing relatively small fires, sprinklers can prevent blazes from spreading until the fire department arrives. In some cases, fire sprinklers are effective enough to extinguish the blaze completely without the help of firefighters.
  • Chemical fire suppression: For the computer room or other area of your government building with sensitive electronics, chemical fire suppression is superior to water for extinguishing flames.
  • Commercial kitchen fire suppression: Many government buildings feature cafeterias to provide food for workers. The kitchen area requires an automatic fire suppression system for code compliance and safety.
  • Fire extinguishers: These fire protection devices help save lives and reduce property damage. Let Confires help select and install the right fire extinguishers for your government building.
  • Fire alarms: This component sounds the alarm in case of fire to ensure all building occupants evacuate safely.
  • Emergency exit lighting: When the power goes out, exit signs illuminated by backup batteries help to maintain order and contribute to a timely evacuation in case of fire.

Other Ways to Mitigate Fire Risk in a Building

In addition to installing and maintaining fire protection equipment to quench a fire if one breaks out, you can also take steps to prevent a fire in the first place with these tips:

  • Control potential ignition sources: This means installing electrical wiring properly, maintaining appliances, prohibiting indoor smoking, and keeping combustibles away from ignition sources.
  • Construct the building properly: All government buildings should contain modern fire retardant materials and techniques, including fire doors, walls, floors, and ceilings built of two-hour fire-rated construction.
  • Train staff: Make sure all government building employees engage in safe fire practices, such as never lighting flame indoors and leaving the hallways clear if evacuation becomes necessary.

Fire Protection Systems for Government Buildings in New Jersey

Let’s face it: fire protection is necessary to keep your New Jersey area building safe. For help designing and installing a fire protection system in your business, or for inspection and maintenance needs, please contact Confires today. We have over 30 years of experience offering fire protection services to buildings in New Jersey and Delaware .

Contact us online or by phone at 888-228-0917 to learn more about our fire protection services today.

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