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High Rise Building Fire Safety Tips

If you own or operate a high rise building in New Jersey, Delaware or Philadelphia, you probably already know how important it is to make sure all your building’s tenants and occupants are kept safe from fires. There are a number of ways to do this:

Most importantly, make sure your building is fully sprinklered and that your sprinklers are tested and tagged frequently. If you need fire sprinkler services in New Jersey, call Confires!

In addition to having a fire sprinkler, make sure you have at least a basic working knowledge of how the sprinkler works and the various fire safety features in your building, including your fire alarms, sprinklers, communication procedures, evacuation plans, etc.

Make sure all your exit stairs and routes are clearly marked so your building’s occupants can access them quickly. Also, make sure they know where alternative exits are in case one is blocked. Finally, make sure all exit routes are kept clear of clutter and blockages.

Have manual pull stations as part of your fire alarm system so people can be effectively warned.

Make sure your building’s occupants know that as they’re exiting the building, they should try to close doors behind them to contain the spread of fires.

Statistically speaking, high rise buildings are more likely to have fire sprinklers and other fire safety systems in place than other buildings. That said, it’s even more important that you make sure to keep track of your systems if you operate a high rise building – your level of risk is much greater.

If you own or operate a high rise in the New Jersey, Delaware or Philadelphia area and need fire sprinkler service or any other fire safety service, call Confires today!

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