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Commercial Fire Alarm Upgrades from Honeywell

Posted on: August 15, 2013

If you’re in charge of the fire protection for a building in New Jersey or Delaware, you’ll want to read this: Honeywell is in the process of upgrading their fire alarm service with wireless communicators! The company is doing away with telephone lines for security monitoring and going digital. The good news for business owners is that this does not involve a costly equipment replacement for you—a new component called the IPGSM-4G is all you’ll need.

Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring

This new fire alarm communications panel from Honeywell is compatible with almost any brand of fire alarm control panel—it installs easily and doesn’t require a fire alarm panel upgrade. The component simply connects to both ports on the panel’s digital alarm communications transmitter (DACT).

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The best thing about this new fire alarm system component is that it will allow you to program your fire alarm monitoring system to use whatever method you choose, including wireless internet or a 4G cell network (or both, if necessary). The system can be configured in infinite ways to meet your needs. Other methods of programming the system include:

  • Cellular as primary only
  • Internet Protocol (IP) as primary only
  • IP as primary and cellular as a backup

Note: you don’t need to have access to a 4G wireless network on your property for this system to work.In fact, the communicator will discover any type of wireless signal, including 2G and 3G, choose the best one and adjust itself to make use of that signal. This technology enables the alarm signal to continue uninterrupted during a fire.

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your fire alarm system. Call Confires for more information about this new Honeywell fire alarm communicator today.

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