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Can Your Kitchen Fire Suppression System Take the Heat?

Posted on: February 18, 2014

After your last kitchen fire suppression system inspection, is your system ready to protect your restaurant, food prep facility, or commercial kitchen?

Would you stake everything on that?

Many restaurant owners either don’t know or don’t particularly care what goes into a kitchen fire suppression system inspection. And for the most part, you don’t need to know the specifics. It is important, however, to know you can trust the company you’ve hired to carry out your inspection. After all, it’s easy for someone to come into your kitchen, take the tension off your fire suppression system, unscrew and replace the nozzles, and hang up an updated inspection tag. And trust us—you do NOT want to wait until there’s a fire to find out this happened to you!

The fire protection experts at Confires know how risky a busy commercial kitchen environment can get, and we take kitchen fire suppression system inspections very seriously. That’s why our extensive kitchen fire suppression system inspection includes:

  • Visual inspection of conduit and location of appliance, duct, and plenum nozzles.
  • Inspection of link line and position of detectors.
  • Inspection of the automatic actuation of the fire system.
  • Testing the remote pull station.
  • Verifying electric and gas shuts off when the system is activated.
  • Replacing fusible links and center link housings.
  • Verifying the gauge on pressurized tanks is at the proper level.
  • Internal inspection of non-pressurized tanks for corrosion.
  • Examination of cylinders, including recording and verification of the hydro test date.
  • Examination of regulator to record and verify the test dates.
  • Replacing system cartridges when required by manufacturer. (For an additional charge)
  • Removal and cleaning of nozzles to ensure they are not clogged.
  • Testing all electrical interlocks.
  • Inspection of piping and copper tubing for tightness.
  • Recording any obvious deficiencies discovered during the inspection.

Anything less than the above and you run the risk of having a kitchen fire suppression system that can’t keep your kitchen safe when the time comes, so make sure you choose a company you can trust to perform your inspection.

If you need a kitchen fire suppression system inspection in New Jersey, call Confires today!

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