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Welcome to the Confires Blog!

Confires is proud to present our fire protection blog! Do you want to know when you should get your fire extinguishers recharged, why your fire alarm system is beeping, how to keep your fire sprinkler systems from rusting or what’s the newest fire suppression system out there that can best protect your business? Our fire safety blog will help you learn all you need to know when it comes to your business’s fire sprinklers, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems and emergency lights.

Our goal is to inform you about the latest trends and technology in fire protection systems, how to properly maintain your fire systems and most importantly, how to keep your business, your co-workers, your visitors and yourself safe during a fire emergency.

Make sure to come back and visit our fire safety blog for new posts and updates, so your business can always stay a safe place to work and be protected from a fire all year long.

Category: Fire Protection