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Where Should You Install a Fire Alarm in Your Office?

Posted on: March 3, 2011

Many people think that all they need to do to be protected from fire is to slap a fire alarm on the wall and call it a day. But the actual location of your fire alarm plays a major part in how well it is able to keep your building (and its occupants) protected. Not only can installing your fire alarm in the right place increase your level of protection, but it can also reduce the chance of frustrating false alarms!

Where to Install a Fire Alarm in the Office

Fire alarms should be installed in or outside all accessible areas, including rooms, storage areas, basements, attics, lofts and HVAC ducts. Basically, you want to make sure your fire alarm system offers total coverage. When installing fire alarms, you should take special care to make sure they are placed in the most optimal places – for example, try to install them as close to the center of the ceiling as possible. If this can’t be done, install the fire alarm along the wall, about four inches from the ceiling.

Where NOT to Install a Fire Alarm in the Office

As important as it is to know where to install a fire alarm in your office, it is also important to know where NOT to install a fire alarm – installing one in the wrong spot can lead to many false alarms and can generally be a pain in the neck. When you install your fire alarm, make sure you don’t put it:

In excessively dusty or dirty areas – most fire alarms go off when they sense smoke particles in the air – unfortunately, they can’t tell the difference between smoke and regular dust! If you install your fire alarm in an excessively dusty area, it can lead to repeated false alarms as dust particles interfere with the photoelectric sensors.

In wet or humid areas – if you can, avoid installing your fire alarm in wet or excessively humid areas, such as next to bathrooms with showers.

Near ash trays – while smoking indoors is becoming less and less common, some buildings still have ash trays inside, particularly near elevator lobbies. If this is the case in your building, avoid installing your fire alarm near the ash tray – smoke could rise up from still-burning cigarettes and cause the fire alarm to go off.

Near air vents – you should avoid installing fire alarms near air vents for the reason you should not install them in dusty areas. Basically, as air moves through the vents, any particulates present could trip the alarm’s sensors and cause a false alarm.

In extremely hot or cold environments – be sure that the temperature in the room where you install your fire alarm is within the fire alarm’s operating range. If the room is too cold or hot, its internal components may not function properly.

Installing a fire alarm is critical if you want to keep your employees and property safe from fire, but more important is knowing where to install your fire alarm so it offers you the best protection. If you want to install a fire alarm in New Jersey, Delaware or Philadelphia, call Confires today!

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