Pyro-Chem Kitchen Knight II

Commercial kitchen environments have been changing rapidly over the years, and every new upgrade for cooking efficiency brings a whole new level of fire risk. Deep fat fryers, for instance, heat up quickly, cool slowly and have a high auto-ignition temperature, meaning if they combust, the fire is extra dangerous. Combine that with grease hoods that collect flammable oil, along with oil that sticks to walls and it’s like you’re cooking in a powder keg! 

Complete Protection for Your Kitchen from the Kitchen Knight II

When it comes to fire protection for your commercial kitchen, the Kitchen Knight II has you covered from all sides. Some of the many kitchen fire suppression benefits that come from the Kitchen Knight II include:

  • Automatic detection and actuation controls that provide 24 hour kitchen fire protection
  • A dedicated manual pull station that allows for immediate activation at the first sign of fire
  • An advanced extinguishing agent that provides rapid flame knockdown and helps prevent reflash
  • A pressure gauge that clearly indicates system readiness
  • Fully assembled and tested mechanical control head, cylinder valve and gas shut-off valve to provide reliable operation
  • Flexible piping configurations that allow for streamlined design that does not interfere with kitchen workflow
  • Protective chrome nozzle caps that help protect against contamination and blockage by cooking byproducts such as grease
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Kitchen Knight II System Features

Special system features of the Pyro-Chem Kitchen Knight II include:

  • Detection brackets and fusible links available with a variety of different temperature ratings to allow for customized detection options
  • Standardized chrome nozzles and caps for easy inventory management
  • Flexible conduit for easy installation
  • Gas shut-off valves that automatically cut off the fuel supply to the fire
  • Easy-to-install control heads that can be activated by a fusible link, thermal detector or manual pull station
  • PCL 160, 300, 460 and 600 cylinders that add increased extinguishing capacity
  • Available pull station for manual activation a safe distance from the hazard

If you need to upgrade your kitchen fire suppression system, you won’t do much better than the Pyro-Chem Kitchen Knight II. If you want more information about the Pyro-Chem Kitchen Knight II, call Confires today!

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