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Fire Safety Labels

Serving New Jersey and Delaware Businesses

Fires are unpredictable and tend to break out when you least expect them. Is your commercial property ready to handle such an emergency? One of the best things you can do is help the people in your building battle the blaze effectively. That’s where fire safety labels come in. These signs are intended to point out the location of exits and fire extinguishing equipment, so building occupants and emergency responders can find them easily and respond quickly during a fire.

Confires installs fire safety labels in businesses throughout New Jersey and Delaware. Whether you’re constructing a new facility, renovating your existing building, or simply getting your property up to code, we can help.

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What Do Fire Safety Labels Entail?

Bold, easy-to-read fire safety signs most commonly come in red and white. This signage is critical to ensure the safety of your workers, customers, tenants, and guests. Here are some examples of the most common types of fire safety labels:

  • Fire extinguisher signs
  • Fire hose labels
  • Fire Department Connection (FDC) ports
  • Emergency exit signs
  • Alarm pull station labels
  • Fire sprinkler and riser room signs
  • Rooftop access signs
  • Labels identifying fire hazards, such as flammable liquids or gases
  • No smoking signs, especially in areas where fire hazards are present
  • Bilingual fire safety signs giving warnings in English and Spanish

Why Your Business Needs Fire Safety Labels

OSHA and the Life Safety Code outline several fire protection requirements, including the need for fire safety labels. In addition to staying compliant, here are the top reasons why you should install fire safety signs in your building:

  • Help workers find extinguishing equipment: Fire safety labels are useful for people who are unfamiliar with your facility, but they can also prove life-saving for everyday workers. After all, firefighting equipment tends to blend into the background after a while. During a fire, your employees’ eyes may dart around, looking for something to aid the situation. Fire safety labels boldly proclaim the location of the equipment they need.
  • Assist first responders: When the fire department arrives, you want them to douse the blaze as quickly as possible. Clearly marked extinguishers, hoses, and FDC ports help firefighters work efficiently to save lives and reduce property damage.
  • Ensure everyone follows proper safety practices: Some fire safety signs may read, “Fire Exit—Keep Clear at All Times,” “Fire Extinguisher—Do Not Block,” or “Diesel Fuel—No Smoking—No Open Flames.” These labels remind building occupants of fire safety regulations so they don’t inadvertently create a hazard.
  • Provide emergency instructions: It can be hard to think straight during an emergency. With labels that provide clear directions—such as “When Alarm Sounds, Call Fire Department” or “Evacuation Assembly Area”—occupants feel more confident that they’re doing the right thing.

Let Confires improve the safety of your building with fire safety labels. To schedule an installation, please contact us at (888) 228-0917.

Choose Confires to Install Fire Safety Labels in New Jersey & Delaware

With over 30 years of experience in the fire protection industry, we are well-versed with the regulations surrounding the required types of fire safety labels and where they must be located. Let us recommend and install the signs you need for peace of mind and compliance purposes. Then, choose us for all your other fire safety requirements. We’re a one-stop shop for fire protection services in New Jersey and Delaware.

To ask questions or place an order for fire safety labels, please call us at (888) 228-0917 or contact us online.

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