Recent Project: New Fire Extinguishers in Edison, NJ

They’re known for moving cash securely around the country. And now, the company that banks rely on for safety is relying on Confires to keep them safe! Garda Cash Logistics, the armored car service, recently purchased 60 2.5lb fire extinguishers to protect their business from fires.

You already know how important your fire extinguishers are when it comes to keeping your building safe from fire.Buying fire extinguishers in bulk is a great way to get all the fire protection you need – not just for fire safety, but also for the great discounts! If you’re planning on installing new fire extinguishers in your building, buying in bulk is the way to go.

If you need to outfit your Edison, New Jersey building with new fire extinguishers, call Confires! We offer bulk fire extinguisher sales in Edison, New Jersey as well as New Jersey and Delaware to keep you protected at all times.