Recent Project: Fire Extinguisher Installation Jersey City, NJ

If you live in the Pacific Court apartments in Jersey City, New Jersey, congratulations – your building just got a whole lot safer! Confires Fire Protection recently installed 68 2.5# ABC fire extinguishers throughout the complex. This type of fire extinguisher is the perfect size for putting out small fires before they become large-scale disasters. Best of all, the ABC dry chemical inside makes them perfect for almost every type of fire you’re likely to find in an apartment complex. Remember, the three classes of fire are:

  • Class A – anything involving “standard” combustibles, such as wood, paper, trash, etc.
  • Class B – fires caused by flaming liquids, including gasoline and oil fires
  • Class C – fires caused by electrical equipment

If you need fire extinguisher installation in Jersey City or anywhere else in New Jersey, Delaware or Philadelphia, call Confires today!