Your single source for fire safety solutions
Your single source for fire safety solutions

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Your Single Source for Fire Safety Solutions

Confires is a leader in the commercial fire protection industry and has the experience and expertise you need to design a comprehensive fire protection program.

A fire is one of the most devastating disasters a business can experience. Fire protection and prevention as part of an overall risk management plan is essential to protecting employees, customers, and your commercial assets.

We understand that every industry requires different fire protection services and can provide you with the right cost-effective systems and equipment for your specific environment. From simple fire sprinkler systems to more complex suppression systems, we’re here to help you protect your people and property. 

Industry-Leading Fire Protection Services

Confires’ customized fire safety solutions are expertly designed to protect employees, customers, and commercial assets. 

Fire Alarm Systems

A properly maintained fire alarm system is essential to any business’s fire protection program. Our fire alarm services include inspections, repairs, monitoring, and installation.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

We offer fire sprinkler system inspections, repairs, and small installation projects.

Fire Extinguishers

Commercial-grade fire extinguishers help keep small fires under control. Our services include fire extinguisher inspectionsrepairsinstallations, and training.

Exit & Emergency Lighting

Exit and emergency lighting ensure your commercial building or facility meets mandated building codes and safety regulations. We offer complete installation services, inspections, and repairs.

Kitchen Fire Suppression

Specialized kitchen fire suppression systems prevent damage by quickly and effectively extinguishing fires in commercial kitchens. We offer installations, inspections, and repairs for kitchen systems.

Special Hazard Fire Suppression

Special hazard fire suppression systems, including FM-200 and Halon systems, are designed to rapidly handle unique or high-risk fire hazards that threaten critical operations and valuable assets. In addition to special hazard fire suppression system installations, we also provide system inspections and repairs.

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Our Customer Reviews

It is such a pleasure working with everyone at Confires. Everyone at Confires is extremely personable, knowledgeable, professional and efficient. The team at Confires works well together to provide seamless service. I can't say enough about how wonderful the people at this company are. They provide great service and truly care about their customers. Barb at Valley View Condo Association
Confires is great. They are always on time and communicate well whenever there is an issue. I always appreciate when a tech can explain to me what they did and what issues if any need to be addressed. Greg at The Fields Sports Complex
Excellent Company. Confires was a pleasure to work with. They were extremely cost-effective compared to their competition, well organized, professional, and did an outstanding job. I highly recommend them! Art at Sacred Heart Church
Highly professional team with robust subject-matter knowledge and expertise. Certainly a team that inspires confidence with their professionalism and know-how. Very glad to work with them. Eleonora at Palisade Avenue Condo Association
Have been using Confires for many years, service is always performed in an excellent matter. Don at 3 Guys Service

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