Fire Extinguisher Installation

When you own a business, you have a responsibility to keep your employees and customers safe from harm. One way to ensure this is to install fire extinguishers in accordance with local fire codes. These act as your first line of defense against a fire.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Fire Extinguisher Installation Options

Anywhere a possible fire hazard exists, the law requires you to install fire extinguishers. With all the regulations surrounding how and where fire extinguishers should be installed, it’s best to leave the job to the experienced technicians at Confires.

Fire extinguisher installation options:

  • Fire extinguisher brackets: Mount to the wall and hold canisters up off the floor but still within sight.
  • Fire extinguisher cabinets: House canisters behind a breakable glass door to prevent tampering until an emergency strikes.
  • Portable fire extinguisher stands: Make it easy to relocate canisters as needed in order to meet fire codes during temporary events or concerts.

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Fire Classifications

It’s important to install the correct fire extinguishers in your building. Different fires require different extinguishing methods depending on what the fuel source is. Confires has experience installing fire extinguishers to put out all five categories of fire, which include:

  • Class A: Common fires that include the combustion of wood, cloth, paper, plastic, and other ordinary combustibles.
  • Class B: Fires caused when flammable liquids ignite.
  • Class C: Electrical fires that occur when wiring or appliances overheat and cause a spark.
  • Class D: Uncommon fires caused when shards of flammable metals (including sodium, magnesium, and titanium) ignite.
  • Class K: Kitchen fires that involve overheated grease and cooking oil.

The type of fire hazard found in your building, office, or restaurant determines the type of fire extinguishers you should install. If you’re not sure of your risks, Confires can help you choose the right number and type of fire extinguishers to ensure your business is compliant.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Why Choose Confires?

With over 40 years of experience as a fire protection specialist, you can trust Confires to deliver honest, professional services. We always put our customers first and do whatever it takes to make sure your building, office, or restaurant is safe and code-compliant. In addition to fire extinguisher installation, we also offer fire extinguisher training, repair & testing, and more to meet your fire safety needs.

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