Special Hazard Fire Suppression Services

Special hazards fire suppression systems are designed to extinguish fires in areas where water damage from fire sprinklers might cause irreparable and costly damage to a property and its assets.

Confires offers a complete range of fire suppression solutions customized to address special hazards, including FM-200, Halon, dry chemical, CO2, and Inert Gas systems.

Special Fire Hazards

Unlike common fire hazards such as trash, smoking, and electrical equipment, special fire hazards are linked to specific processes or activities. They are common in industries or facilities that use, store, or maintain chemicals, welding, spray painting, flammable liquids, combustible dust, and more. The handling and storage of these items can create countless hazardous conditions, so taking proper precautions is mandatory to protect people and property.

Confires provides the unique technologies needed to stop an uncommon fire hazard situation as quickly as possible.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

FM-200 Systems

FM-200 fire suppression systems offer protection for sensitive computer, electronic, and communications equipment like that found in telecommunication facilities and data centers. If your facility houses mission-critical electronics and has minimum space, FM-200 is the perfect Halon alternative waterless fire suppression system, as it:

  • Uses a combination of chemical and physical mechanisms to discharge gas directly onto the surface of combustible materials, lowering their temperature below the ignition point.
  • Deploys quickly and cleanly.
  • Leaves no oily residue, water, or particulate.

This system’s extreme speed results in lower damage and repair costs as well as shorter downtimes, not to mention greater protection for people. Confires offers FM-200 inspections, repairs, and installation.

Halon Systems

Deemed an ozone-depleting substance in the 1980s, Halon is no longer legal to produce. However, it’s still legal to own and operate a previously installed Halon fire suppression system. Confires offers Halon fire suppression system inspections, repairs, replacements, and recharges that meet strict EPA requirements and NFPA standards.

If you’re interested in removing a Halon system from your facility to invest in a more environmentally friendly option, Confires can work with you to implement a solution using FM-200, a newer, clean agent that is an approved replacement.

Why Choose Confires for Special Hazard Fire Suppression?

To stop fire quickly and limit damage, we know certain industries and businesses need to protect mission-critical equipment with fast-reacting special hazards suppression systems. Our experienced and knowledgeable team members understand the specific special hazard fire suppression called for and can provide the best options for your needs.

For more information on all our special hazard fire suppression services, contact Confires online today or call 888-228-0917.