Exit & Emergency Installation

If you own a business in New Jersey or Delaware, your job extends beyond making a profit each month. It’s also your responsibility to keep your employees and customers safe in case of an emergency. One way to do this is to install proper emergency lighting.

While you have many different types of emergency lights to choose from, they all share the same purpose: light the way and illuminate exits so people can quickly and safely evacuate the building in an emergency. Whether a power outage, gas leak, or fire prompts a building evacuation, you want to make sure you’re ready with emergency lights that shine brightly and stay lit long enough thanks to powerful battery backups.

Confires takes pride in having a team of experienced emergency lighting system designers and installers to make sure your business is compliant with health and safety codes. Rely on our experienced team to install the right lights in the appropriate places to satisfy your needs.

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Emergency Light Systems and Battery Configurations

Different types of emergency light fixtures and systems are available to fulfill different purposes. Basic fixtures such as illuminated exit signs and spotlights are found in nearly every system to show where the exits are and light the hallways and stairwells leading there.

Beyond deciding what emergency light fixtures to install, you must also decide which type of system and battery configuration you prefer:

  • Non-maintained systems activate only when the main power has been disrupted.
  • Maintained systems operate with the building’s power supply to double as day-to-day lighting under normal conditions. They also have a battery line input to remain illuminated during emergency situations.
  • Sustained systems have two sets of bulbs. One set operates under normal conditions and the other is battery-operated to remain lit during a blackout.
  • Self-contained battery systems have fixtures with their own individual batteries. These systems are less expensive to install and are easy to expand in the future, but testing involves checking each light fixture.
  • Central battery systems have a single battery source. This makes testing and maintenance easier, but installation costs are higher and you need an entire room dedicated to housing batteries and charging equipment.
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Choose Confires for Exit & Emergency Design & Installation

Confires has 30 years of experience providing emergency lighting and fire protection services to customers in New Jersey and Delaware. You can put your trust in our experienced team to design a highly functional, code-compliant emergency lighting system for your building or office.

Our competitive prices let you protect your employees and customers for less. At the same time, professional installation gives you peace of mind, knowing your emergency lights will function properly when you need them. When the time comes, we also offer emergency lighting inspections and emergency lighting repairs.

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