Fire Sprinkler System Repair

Protecting your business from fire is the foundation of our business. A well-maintained fire suppression system is the key to effectively protecting your structure from the crippling effects of an uncontained fire. Every second matters, so fire sprinkler systems are designed to respond quickly, efficiently, and effectively to the threat before it has a chance to devastate your business.

Regular fire sprinkler system maintenance is crucial for preserving the integrity and reliability of your fire suppression system. Without routine inspection and maintenance, there is no way to ensure that your system will deliver the life-saving protection your employees, tenants, and customers depend on.

At Confires, our highly trained professionals are ready to perform the fire sprinkler system maintenance and repair services you require. We have extensive experience with a wide range of systems and can help troubleshoot common problems and complex needs. Our team is available 24/7 to answer your call and respond to your needs.

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Fire Sprinkler Systems 101

Fire sprinkler systems depend on strong and sturdy pipes to contain and disperse the system’s pressurized water. These are typically hidden within the walls or ceilings of offices and retail establishments but may be exposed in commercial or industrial operations.

Wherever they are located, these pipes incorporate a series of strategically positioned sprinkler heads designed to provide maximum protection within the space. Proper positioning requires correctly measuring the space and calculating the system’s pressure to ensure full coverage of the protected area.

Should a fire break out, the rising air temperature is detected by heat-detecting sensors within the sprinkler head. As the heat reaches the tipping point, it triggers the automatic activation of the fire suppression system. In turn, this forces the pressurized water through the head of the sprinkler. This typically extinguishes the flames. However, even if it doesn’t immediately extinguish the fire, it most certainly will slow the burn rate, extending the amount of time that you have to evacuate the structure and allowing time for first responders to arrive.

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Signs Your Fire Sprinkler System Needs Repairs

At a minimum, you should have your system inspected twice per year. If fire sprinkler inspectors discover the following, immediate repairs are warranted:

  • Broken & loose sprinkler heads: Ladders, forklifts, horsing around, and many other accidents and incidents can damage sprinkler heads. Moreover, the pressure within the system can cause the head to come loose.
  • Leaks & standing water: Leaks and standing water can be caused by damaged seals, improper plumbing, and more. Often, these are visible via watermarks on ceiling tiles, along walls, or on flooring.
  • Faulty alarms: If your alarms are tripping without any reason, it could be because the sprinkler system needs servicing. The air within the pipes and mechanical failures can cause this.

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Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

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