Fire Protection for Automotive Facilities

Safety Inspections, Testing, Service & Sales for Enhanced Fire Protection

Heavy machinery, highly flammable rubber, gasoline — there are many safety risks that make fire protection services a top priority for automotive facility managers. At Confires, our team of fire safety professionals has helped keep car dealerships, gas stations, and other automotive facilities throughout New Jersey safe from catastrophic fire damage for over 40 years.

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Fire Alarm Systems

A fully functioning alarm system is the key to protecting mechanics, production line workers, and others entering your automotive facility. Confires offers the complete fire alarm system solutions New Jersey car dealerships, mechanics, and other automotive facilities need to remain alert during a fire: 

Fire Sprinkler Systems & Fire Pumps

When it’s time to close up shop at your automotive facility, leaving so many hazardous materials unattended can be stressful. When properly installed and maintained, these sprinkler systems can prevent the spread of fires, containing them to a specific area of your car dealership, gas station, mechanics shop, or other facilities.

This feature helps mitigate expenses associated with repairing and replacing damaged products. 

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Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are a necessity when operating in a high-risk environment like an automotive facility. At Confires, our team offers fire extinguisher installation, inspections, testing, and repair services to ensure your automotive facility is always prepared to handle a fire emergency.

Our team even offers on-site training for facility employees to educate them on how to:

  • Properly use a fire extinguisher
  • Inspect the facility’s fire extinguisher systems annually
  • Recharge or refill fire extinguishers to ensure proper functionality

Exit & Emergency Lighting

Make sure everyone at your automotive facility can evacuate quickly and efficiently during a fire by having exit and emergency lighting installed and maintained by Confires. Our exit and emergency lighting solutions help foster a safe environment for all automotive facilities, providing employees, customers, and other occupants with a clear path to safety.

We offer monthly testing of all exit and emergency lighting solutions to ensure all equipment functions properly when needed during a fire. 

Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems

Automotive facilities face unique hazards that require specialized fire suppression systems to combat flames effectively. Our state-of-the-art fire suppression equipment can provide the enhanced protection that automotive facilities in New Jersey need to survive a catastrophic fire event.

We’re confident in our team’s ability to safeguard your facility by offering a wide variety of fire suppression systems designed to maximize protection. 

24-Hour Emergency Services

Confires is committed to the complete safety of your facility and its occupants. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency fire protection solutions to all automotive facilities in New Jersey. Our team will be there to deliver the rapid response necessary for mitigating damage and restoring safety to your facility quickly and efficiently.

If you need fire protection services for your automotive facility in New Jersey, turn to Confires to receive the personalized solutions you deserve. 

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