Property Management Fire Protection Services

Confires is the single source for all of your property’s fire protection services throughout New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia. From condos and apartments to commercial office buildings, we ensure your fire protection systems are well-maintained to protect your property and your tenants during any fire emergency. Confires assists property managers by inspecting, testing and maintaining fire protection systems throughout your building.

Fire Alarm Systems – Inspection, Testing, Service and Sales

Confires offers property managers and property management companies testing, inspection and maintenance of your building’s fire alarm systems to make sure your facility is meeting national and local safety requirements such as:

  • NFPA code requirements
  • Local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs)
  • System manufacturer’s recommended inspection and maintenance requirements
  • Required annual fire alarm system testing
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Sprinkler Systems & Fire Pumps – Inspection, Testing, Service and Sales

For any property manager, automatic fire sprinkler systems and fire pumps are essential in providing 24-hour fire protection. At Confires, our skilled technicians perform periodic sprinkler system inspection and repairs to keep your property safe around the clock, whether it’s residential or commercial.

Portable Fire Extinguishers – Inspection, Testing, Service and Sales

Fire extinguishers are extremely useful for putting out small fires and controlling fires. At Confires, we assist property managers in determining what the proper amounts, sizes and types of fire extinguishers would be the most beneficial for your facility. Additionally, we offer on-site training for your employees on how to properly and effectively use a portable fire extinguisher.

Confires performs annual inspections and provides fire extinguisher recharges to have your property’s portable fire extinguishers ready whenever necessary.

Exit & Emergency – Inspection, Testing, Service and Sales

Confires offers emergency lighting installation, inspection and repair to make sure your property guides people to safety in the event of an emergency.

Our team examines your building’s emergency lighting batteries, battery charging systems, bulbs and other emergency exit lighting system hardware to confirm your emergency lighting system will be visible during any fire emergency.

Fire Suppression – Inspection, Testing, Service and Sales

Does your property own expensive equipment or valuable assets? Confires offers fire suppression systems to protect your most critical possessions including financial records, data storage and computer rooms, industrial equipment, health care records and collectibles.

Our fire suppression solutions include the FM-200, CO2, Halon and Inergen systems. With a fire suppression system, your most critical property will have more protection from fire damage.

Kitchen Suppression Systems – Inspection, Testing, Service and Sales

From condo and apartment kitchens to commercial office building kitchens, chances are your property has a kitchen where food is being cooked with minimal supervision, putting your building and your tenants at a high risk if a kitchen fire emergency occurs.

Confires’ in-house experts work with property managers throughout New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia to implement kitchen fire safety in your apartment or office building.

Our company offers detailed consultation, on-site coordination, installations, inspections, testing, repairs and maintenance of kitchen fire suppression systems.

Contact Confires to protect your tenants and your building when there’s a fire in the kitchen.

24-Hour Emergency Service

At Confires, our focus is the safety of your property and most importantly, you and your tenants. We want to do as much as we can to protect your property and valuables. We offer 24-hour emergency service, so we can be there when you need us most.

Confires professionals are ready to support your New Jersey, Delaware or Philadelphia property and facility management fire protection systems and answer service requests 24 hours a day. Call now for more information.

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