Fire Protection for Manufacturing Facilities

From heavy-duty machinery and electrical equipment to various other materials, manufacturing facilities face many unique fire risks that make it essential for them to be properly equipped with the right fire suppression systems. At Confires, we specialize in offering top-quality fire suppression services tailored to your manufacturing facility’s specific needs.

Our team is available 24/7 to prioritize your building’s safety and is proud to provide the excellent support that your manufacturing facility deserves. 

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Our Fire Protection Services

Confires is proud to offer a wide range of fire suppression solutions to manufacturing facilities throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We strive to provide a personalized approach to fire safety, tailoring solutions to your specific needs to ensure your facility remains well-protected against the threat of fire. 

Our services include:

  • Fire alarm systemsWe’re skilled in maintaining state-of-the-art fire alarm systems that alert you to the earliest signs of a potential fire threat.
  • Fire alarm monitoring: Our 24/7 fire alarm monitoring solutions will keep your facility under constant watch, allowing us to provide the rapid response you need during a fire emergency.
  • Fire sprinkler systems: Your fire sprinkler system will automatically activate when flames are detected to minimize damage and suppress fires quickly and efficiently.
  • Fire extinguishers: Equip your manufacturing facility with the fire extinguishers it needs to ensure you’re prepared to handle small fires as effectively as possible.
  • Exit & emergency lighting: Give your employees and personnel a clear path to safety during a fire emergency by installing exit and emergency lighting in your facility.
  • Kitchen fire suppression: If your manufacturing facility also has a kitchen, our specialized fire suppression systems are designed to protect against the unique fire threats presented in these environments.
  • Special hazard fire suppression: We know manufacturing facilities face many unique challenges, which is why we offer special hazard fire suppression solutions designed with your specific needs in mind.

Protecting your manufacturing facility against the threat of fire isn’t just about satisfying building codes and regulations — it’s about protecting your employees, property, and assets. Confires provides the extensive protection your manufacturing facility needs to remain safe and sound during a fire emergency.

Why Choose Confires?

Confires has proudly offered the dependable fire suppression solutions that manufacturing facilities throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware have trusted for over 40 years.

Offering 24/7 solutions and customized support tailored to your property’s specific needs, we’re confident in our team’s ability to design, install, and maintain any fire suppression system your facility may require.

See why our customers prefer Confires as their fire safety professionals. Call 888-228-0917 today to request a quote for fire suppression services for your manufacturing facility.