Fire Protection Services for Assisted Living Facilities

Nursing homes contain both elderly and disabled individuals who may need assistance during a fire emergency. At Confires, we help nursing homes, hospices and hospitals guide residents to safety. Our company is the single source for your nursing home’s fire protection needs.

We offer a variety of services for fire alarms systems, portable fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, and more!

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Fire Alarm Systems – Inspection, Testing, Service and Sales

Fire alarm systems are necessary in nursing homes to alert residents about a fire. Confires conducts:

For nursing homes, hospices and hospitals, our company ensures your fire alarm systems comply with national and local fire safety requirements, giving you peace of mind your patients and/or residents are in good hands.

Sprinkler Systems & Fire Pumps – Inspection, Testing, Service and Sales

Automatic fire sprinkler systems and fire pumps provide nursing homes, hospice facilities and hospitals with 24-hour fire protection.

Fire sprinklers suppress fires, giving nursing home residents time to exit the building. Confires tests, inspects, maintains and repairs fire sprinkler systems in nursing homes and hospice facilities.

Whether you need to test the sprinkler system or fire pump in your nursing home, schedule routine maintenance or a checkup or install a new sprinkler or fire suppression system, Confires can help if you.

Fire Extinguishers – Inspection, Testing, Service and Sales

Nursing homes should be properly equipped with fire extinguishers to put out small fires if necessary. Confires helps nursing homes and hospices decide on the appropriate number, size and type of portable fire extinguishers to use in your building.

Our fire safety professionals provide on-site training for nursing homes, hospices and hospitals to teach your staff how to use fire extinguishers.

Exit & Emergency – Inspection, Testing, Service and Sales

When an emergency occurs in a nursing home or hospital, it can be difficult to get all employees and residents out of the facility quickly. Confires is committed to making it easier for your residents and patients to find emergency exits by working with you to install a new system or improve and maintain your current emergency lighting system.

Call Confires today to see how our emergency lighting systems help nursing homes guide residents to safety—888-228-0917.

Fire Suppression Systems – Inspection, Testing, Repair, Recharge and Installation

Nursing homes, hospice facilities and hospitals often house expensive equipment and critical records that need to be protected. Confires offers a variety of fire suppression solutions to protect your nursing home’s residents and staff.

If you want to install a new or inspect, repair or recharge your current fire suppression system, call Confires today.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems – Inspection, Testing, Service and Sales

Food is constantly being prepared for patients and visitors in nursing homes & hospitals, which creates the risk for kitchen fires if your kitchen isn’t equipped with the proper fire protection equipment. To protect your patients and visitors from a kitchen fire, Confires offers kitchen fire suppression solutions to nursing homes and hospitals.

Our company offers nursing homes and hospitals detailed consultation, on-site coordination, installations, inspections, testing, repairs and maintenance of kitchen fire suppression systems. Contact Confires to learn more about how our kitchen fire suppression systems can protect your patients and visitors when there’s a fire in the kitchen.

24-Hour Emergency Service

At Confires, our focus is the safety of your nursing home, your employees and your residents. We offer 24-hour emergency fire protection services, so we can be there when you need us most.

Ready for complete fire protection for your New Jersey assisted living facility? Send us a message today!