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Protect your Kitchen with a Range Guard Fire Suppression System!

Posted on: June 17, 2011

No matter what safety methods you practice, commercial kitchens are perpetually at extremely high risk for fires – it’s just the nature of their environment. Having a kitchen fire protection system installed in your kitchen can have a huge impact on this, stopping fires in their tracks and preventing them from swallowing up your whole building. But wet chemical fire suppression systems can leave messy and potentially corrosive material behind – material that could end up being almost as damaging as the fire itself!

Well, with the Range Guard kitchen fire suppression system, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Range Guard provides superior kitchen fire suppression with extremely easy clean up – both through a rather ingenious process known as saponification.

How does the Range Guard kitchen fire suppression system work?

As we mentioned above, the Range Guard fire suppression system puts out fires by means of a process called saponification. Think about this – what are many soaps made out of? Fats! And what are the main things that burn in a commercial kitchen? Also fats! That’s right – the Range Guard kitchen fire suppression system turns the burning fats and oils into soap, extinguishing the flames quickly and reducing clean up to a quick swipe of a towel!

What are the benefits of the Range Guard kitchen fire suppression system?

Range Guard kitchen fire suppression systems are designed to provide maximum kitchen fire protection with minimum hassle. Specialized nozzles are designed to provide superior coverage while being highly customizable to changing kitchen layouts. Range Guard kitchen fire suppression system components can usually be incorporated directly into your existing fire suppression system piping and installations, making upgrading a breeze.

What other special features does the Range Guard have?

In addition to supreme fire extinguishing power, the Range Guard comes with a number of additional features that really make it stand out from other kitchen fire suppression systems:

  • Flexible piping configurations for easy installation and adjustment
  • Factory-filled stored pressure cylinders with chrome plated valves
  • Valves with incorporated pressure gauges for easy to see readiness status indication
  • Easily identifiable smaller nozzles with internal strainers and foil bursting discs that prevent blockage during discharge
  • Swivel adapters available for nozzles
  • Multiple available color schemes, including black or chrome plated with stainless steel piping or stainless steel with brass tubing

If you have a Range Guard kitchen fire suppression system installed in your New Jersey, Delaware or Philadelphia restaurant and need kitchen fire suppression system inspection or testing, call Confires today!

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