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What’s the Best Fire Suppression System for My Office?

People often believe that the only way to put out a fire is to douse it with water—putting the “wet stuff on the red stuff.” And while water certainly helps in most cases, there are a number of situations where it’s not the best tool for the job!

What’s worse, sometimes attempting to use water can actually make the problem worse! Using water on a gas fire, for instance, can cause the fire to spread more rapidly. Even in cases where water does work to put out the fire, it can still have negative consequences—water used in a data room or anywhere with delicate electronics can damage the systems beyond repair.

Fortunately, there is a way to keep your building safe from fires that doesn’t use water at all! Clean agent fire suppression systems, such as the FM-200, are gaseous fire suppression systems that can extinguish class A (solid), class B (liquid), and class C (gas) fires. As a bonus, FM-200 is non-toxic and not harmful to the environment.

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The Benefits of FM-200 Systems for Your Office

FM-200 is the best fire suppression system for a number of situations, including:

  • Offices or other places where people may be present during a fire. FM-200 is non-toxic, and the health impact of a fire suppression system is always important in areas where crowds are frequent.
  • Places where entry and exit areas could be blocked—since FM-200 is a gaseous agent, it is able to respond quickly to fires.
  • Offices and other buildings with electrical appliances that can’t be exposed to water. Such offices include telecommunication centers, data centers, museums, and vaults. In places like these, water can do as much damage as a fire—FM-200 offers total protection.
  • Environmentally friendly office spaces—FM-200 is non-toxic and doesn’t harm the environment the way other fire suppression systems, such as Halon, do.

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