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How to Keep a Computer Room Safe from Fire

A fire in a data center or computer room could be devastating for your business. Not only is there the risk of personal injury or loss of life, but you could also lose all your data and equipment—and with it, your entire business. Even the downtime and loss of productivity caused by a fire could cost you thousands of dollars.

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Computer Room Fire Safety Tips

  • Keep the room organized – do not use your computer room to store combustible materials. In addition, make sure you keep the space uncluttered so that in the event of an emergency, the fire does not spread quickly and people in the room can escape easily.
  • Make sure all power cords are in good condition – inspect any power cords in the room on a routine basis to make sure none are damaged or frayed. Damaged power cords can spark and are some of the most common causes of fires in computer rooms.
  • Clean your computers – dust is extremely flammable and can burn down your whole building if you’re not careful. Keep your computer room neat and make sure to clean out any dust or debris that could create hazards.
  • Have an emergency plan – it’s crucial that you are prepared for when the worst happens. Make sure your employees and people who use your computer room either know how to escape safely or know how to operate any fire safety equipment you have in the room, such as a fire extinguisher.
  • Schedule fire protection system inspections – your safety and fire protection systems are only effective if they work. Call Confires to inspect your fire safety systems and ensure that they will keep you safe and compliant with local fire codes.

Fire Suppression Systems for Computer Rooms

No data center or computer room is complete without a fire suppression system to knock out a fire if one does occur. But what is the best type to use? You may be used to standard water-based fire sprinklers used in other areas of your building, but in a room with sensitive electronics these can actually do as much or more damage than a fire.

Instead, you want to use a clean agent fire suppression system, such as an FM-200 system, to put fires out. FM-200 systems can be used to protect:

  • Financial records
  • Data storage
  • Computer equipment
  • Data processing equipment
  • Health care records
  • And more

If your building has a computer room, server room, or data center and you want to install a fire suppression system to keep it protected from fires at all times, call Confires today!

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