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Confires Acquires East Coast Fire Sprinkler Inspections Co.

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Confires Fire Protection. This partnership expands our fire sprinkler service offering to include fire alarms, fire monitoring, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, and kitchen fire suppression services. We are excited to offer our customers the following fire protection services:

Fire alarm services – Early detection and notification are critical to protecting the lives of staff and visitors during a fire, as well as the property and assets of your business. Our advanced fire alarm systems provide ample warning in emergencies and help you to evacuate safely while notifying local authorities of the situation.

Fire alarm monitoring – A fast response is essential to minimize injuries and property damage during a fire. With our fire alarm monitoring services, your business will be monitored remotely 24/7 by experienced professionals who will make sure you get the help your business needs in an emergency, whether you are there at the time or not.

Fire extinguisher services Stopping a fire at its source can minimize property damage and prevent injuries. With our fire extinguisher services, we can make sure that your facility has the right types of fire extinguishers in place and that they are working properly and ready for a fire.

Emergency lighting services – Power is often one of the first things lost during a fire, and without proper illumination, it can be difficult to evacuate a building safely. Our emergency lighting and exit signs help to light the way and guide visitors and staff to safety in an emergency.

Commercial kitchen fire suppression services When a fire occurs in a restaurant, bar, or hotel, it often starts in the kitchen, where busy staff, hot oils, and ignition sources combine to create a higher than normal fire risk. Our commercial kitchen fire suppression systems are designed to mitigate this risk and minimize the chances of property damage or injuries by detecting and extinguishing fires as quickly as possible.

Fire sprinkler services Once a fire breaks out, it can move extremely quickly, causing costly damage in a matter of minutes. Our fire sprinkler systems react automatically to the heat of the fire, dousing it with water, limiting its spread, and minimizing the damage it can do until emergency services arrive.


Why Choose Confires?

Confires has over 40 years of experience providing complete fire protection services for various industry businesses throughout New Jersey.  

To schedule fire protection services, call 888-228-0917 or contact our fire protection company online.

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