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Easy Ways to Prevent Fire Code Violations Part I

Part I: Let’s talk Doors

Have you ever been worried if your building, restaurant or home will pass a New Jersey fire code inspection? Eliminate the guesswork by taking these small steps to ensure your New Jersey building, restaurant or home follows fire protection guidelines.

Do’s and Don’t with Doors

1.  Make sure all passage ways and doors are free some any obstructions.  Within offices, home and restaurants, it is very easy to compile lots of “stuff” with no clear place to put it.  Fire code officials want to make sure that in the event of a fire or emergency, anyone inside the building has a clear path to safety.  So, take a couple minutes to move boxes, chairs, garbage, tables and other miscellaneous items out of the way.

2. Make sure all emergency exit signs are clearly marked and in working condition.  If a fire emergency occurs, emergency exit signs are the first place people look to find the safest route to travel outside the building.  If it is dark inside the building and a lot of smoke has gathered due to fire, it will be difficult to see where the closest exits are.  Make sure that all emergency exit bulbs are in working condition so that the signs are always illuminated.

3.  Self closing door devices.  Make sure that all exit doors have self-closing door devices so that doors automatically close.  Most commercial buildings will have these closing devices installed at some point to ensure the building is up to fire code.  However, it is important to check that they are in working order, and if necessary, maintained on a regular basis.

4.  Keep fire doors closed.  Just like the self-closing door devices, it is important to always keep fire doors closed.  The fire doors are located near the exit ways and stairwells, and if kept closed can contain fire and smoke from spreading during a fire emergency.  Keeping doors wedged or propped open is prohibited.

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