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Why Emergency Lights are Important in Apartment Buildings

If you own an apartment complex in New Jersey, Delaware or Philadelphia, you may be wondering if you need to install emergency lights in each individual unit. Since apartments are generally fairly small, it may not seem totally necessary to have emergency lights – in the event of a fire, apartment units should be easy to escape, right?

Not necessarily – thick black smoke can obstruct views even a few inches in front of your face, and when you can’t see, trying to find your way around even a place you’re familiar with can be extremely difficult. That is when emergency lighting is so important. Emergency lighting can add some shape to the blackness created by thick smoke and provide a beacon that leads your tenants to a safe exit.

Emergency lighting in apartments is also important because most apartment fires will start in an individual unit – stoves, electrical cords, power strips, etc. are common fire starters, and since apartments are generally smaller, the fire and smoke can fill the area much faster than they could in a larger building. This is why it is so important to be sure that your apartment is equipped with emergency lighting.

Important Exit & Emergency Areas

If you are a property manager or owner in New Jersey, Delaware or Philadelphia, you’re probably well aware of how important it is to have proper emergency lighting in your apartment complex. Emergency lighting is necessary in more areas than just the individual apartments – indoor pools can be particularly dangerous during a power outage. Apartment clubhouses usually have multiple levels and back hallways and stairways that can confuse guests and residents alike, particularly in the panic caused by an emergency. Even interior stairwells need the proper safety lighting and exit signs – someone could easily fall in the dark in one of these area and be severely hurt.

If you own or manage an apartment building in New Jersey, Philadelphia or Delaware and want install or test the emergency lights in your units or hallways, stairwells or anywhere else in the complex, call Confires for emergency lighting in New Jersey today!

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