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Fire Protection for Telecommunications Facilities

Posted on: January 15, 2013

If you run a telecommunications facility, long periods of downtime are not an option. That’s why it’s critically important that you have a working fire suppression system in place. But do you know the best fire suppression system for your telecomm facility?

Why You Need a Fire Suppression System

If you rely on computers, servers, and other digital technology to make your business run, you could be very vulnerable to service interruptions of any kind. If your telecommunications system fails, transit information will be lost, which can result in a serious loss of revenue, especially when you consider both lost resources and data and forfeited revenues from system downtime.

Worse, a fire can lead to productivity losses, customer disruption, reputation damage, loss of data and records, and even lawsuits.

Fortunately, with the right fire protection, you can reduce your chances of major property damage and downtime cost.

What is the best fire suppression system for telecomm facilities?

Conventional water-based fire sprinkler systems are useful for confining flames and controlling ceiling temperatures, which can help keep structural damage under control while preventing the spread of fire.

Unfortunately, fire sprinkler systems can do serious damage to electronics and electrical systems—sometimes more than the fire itself! If you run a telecommunications facility, the type of fire suppression system to go with is a clean-agent fire suppression system.

Clean agents are gaseous fire suppression systems that extinguish flames without causing damage to sensitive electronic equipment. They can also reach fires located in hidden areas such as cabinets and racks.

There are numerous types of clean-agent fire suppression systems, including halocarbon, halogen, FM 200, and more. The agents used in these systems are electrically non-conductive and they can handle Class A, Class B, and Class C fire hazards.

Sprinklers and other water based fire suppression systems can be used in your telecommunication system, but avoid locating them in mission critical parts of the facility. Clean agents are worth the initial costs and will serve your facility appropriately where water based fire suppression systems cannot.

If you own a telecommunications facility in New Jersey, Delaware, or Philadelphia and want to keep it protected with a clean-agent fire suppression system, call Confires today!

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