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Host Fire Prevention Week 2017

Fire prevention efforts are often the key to keeping your home and business safe from deadly flames. Then, if there is a fire, your safe escape is the number one priority. That’s why the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) hosts a yearly Fire Prevention Week to emphasize escape planning and fire safety. If you’re interested in spreading the word, consider getting involved in Fire Prevention Week 2017.

What is Fire Prevention Week?

This annual tradition of fire protection education and awareness dates back to 1922, making it the longest-running public health observance on record. The NFPA has always been the official sponsor of this event.

Fire Prevention Week is an annual fall event that falls around October 9. This timing commemorates the Great Chicago Fire, which ignited on October 8, 1871, and did most of its damage on October 9. This tragic fire killed 250 people, destroyed more than 17,400 structures, and left about 100,000 people homeless.

This year, Fire Prevention Week is from October 8 – 14, 2017.

Fire Prevention Week Theme for 2017

Each Fire Protection Week has a specific theme. This year’s theme is “Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!” The intent is to educate how to create a strong fire escape plan for your home and business. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Designate two exits from each room in your home or business (can be a door or a window) and draw a path from the exit to the outside.
  • Host fire drills with your family twice a year. Hold one at night and one during the day when everyone is home. Be sure to practice different routes.
  • Make sure everyone knows important safety tips during the evacuation, such as closing doors behind you to slow the spread of smoke and flames.
  • Once outside, call 911 for help. Never go back inside a burning building.
  • Ensure everyone knows the evacuation plan and understands the best practices of fire evacuation.

Who Benefits from Fire Prevention Week?

If you want to become involved with Fire Prevention Week, consider hosting an educational event for the people who benefit from fire safety education and awareness the most:

  • Local community members: Everyone from homeowners to business owners benefits from having an airtight fire evacuation plan.
  • Students: Implement hands-on lessons and pass out take-home materials to help students understand and learn the importance of fire safety.
  • High-risk populations: Did you know that elderly, disabled, and non-English speaking people are at increased risk of harm if there’s a fire? Empower them with the education they need to evacuate if necessary.

Host Fire Prevention Week 2017

If you plan to host a Fire Protection Week educational event, you can find a variety of useful resources at There you can find everything from banners and fliers to free PDF downloads to video clips you can use on social media or during presentations. These tools help to spread awareness by providing engaging, easy-to-understand lessons.

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