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5 Fire Safety Preparation Myths

Fire safety is an extremely important part of buildings everywhere. Between having a fire exit strategy, practicing fire drills, and keeping your fire suppression systems well-maintained, there is a lot to prepare in the emergency case of a fire. While those are all vital components to your building’s safety, it’s crucial that you and your employees know the truth about fire safety. The fire protection experts at Confires are here to debunk any fire safety preparation myths!

Myth 1: Newer buildings are safer than older buildings.

Let’s be honest here: age is just a number! Any fire—regardless of the age of the building—can be potentially life-threatening. When it comes to the safety of your building, your fire protection system far outweighs how old your building is. It is smart to determine which fire protection systems could make your building as safe as it can be. Consider the following systems for your building:

Myth 2: A smoke detector will provide enough protection for your building.

Think again—while smoke detectors do save lives by alerting people of smoke or fire early on, these will not help extinguish the flames! Additionally, smoke detectors could fail to work in a time of emergency if the batteries haven’t been changed in a while. A smoke detector is a great addition to another fire protection system, but it should not stand alone.

Myth 3: People will panic in a fire.

While it may seem natural for people to freeze up and get flustered in the event of fire, research has actually proven the opposite. Of course, having an emergency fire plan helps keep people level-headed. Make sure the people in your building understand the fire safety plan of action by practicing the emergency procedures. By having fire drills and practicing evacuation routes, your employees will be well prepared in the case of an emergency.

Myth 4: You can control and put out a small fire yourself.

If a smaller flame catches in your building, don’t try to put it out yourself. Did you know most damaging fires start with a small accident? No matter how big or small the fire is, follow all fire safety precautions that have been set in place for your building.

Myth 5: Your fire sprinkler system will freeze when the weather gets cold

Worried that your fire sprinkler system will be iced over during the winter? You can rest assured that proper procedures are put in place during the sprinkler installation process to keep your sprinkler system from freezing—no matter how cold it is.

Get Fire Protection Services in New Jersey, Delaware, and Philadelphia

Now that you know the facts, make sure your building is fully prepared for any fire emergency. The fire protection experts at Confires can perform installations, inspections, repairs, and more for a wide variety of fire protection systems in New Jersey, Delaware, and Philadelphia.

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