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How Many Fire Extinguishers Are Required for NJ Commercial Buildings?

If you run a business in New Jersey or you’re thinking about expanding to a new building, it’s important to understand fire safety requirements at your location. Building codes and OSHA Standards require a certain number of fire extinguishers to be present in every NJ commercial building. The number and type of fire extinguishers you have on site depends on how large your building is and what fire hazards exist there.

Use this guide to help you determine where to place fire extinguishers in your building so you remain code compliant at all times.

Light Fire Hazard Buildings: Fire Extinguishers No More Than 75 Feet Apart

  • Office buildings
  • Classrooms
  • Hotels
  • Churches

Light fire hazard buildings are those in which fires are unlikely to occur. The majority of materials found in these buildings aren’t combustible and they’re arranged in such a way that fire isn’t encouraged to spread. No ignition source is built in and there’s no reason for occupants to use a lighter or other open flame.

Ordinary Fire Hazard I: Fire Extinguishers Every 75 Feet

  • Fabric stores
  • Post offices
  • Dry cleaners

Buildings categorized as Ordinary Fire Hazard I may have a few flammable materials on site, but with no ignition source present, the chance of fire is still low.

Ordinary Fire Hazard II: Fire Extinguishers Every 30-50 Feet

  • Parking garages
  • Hardware stores
  • Theaters and stages

In these buildings, flammable materials are stored closer together and ignition sources may also be present. The ingredients needed to start a fire are there, but a blaze will never ignite without human error or purposeful intent.

Extra Fire Hazard: Fire Extinguishers Every 30-50 Feet

  • Upholstering stores
  • Modular building assembly plants
  • Die casting facilities
  • Plastics processing plants

Extra fire hazard situations include buildings with a high quantity of flammable materials surrounded by lint, dust or other materials that could aid the spread of fire if one ignites. Combustible liquids may also be found onsite, depending on the type of business. The increased chance of fire makes strategically placed fire extinguishers especially important.

Commercial Kitchens: Fire Extinguishers Every 30 Feet

  • Restaurant kitchens
  • Hotel kitchens
  • School kitchens

Commercial kitchens rank highest on the list of hazardous fire locations. Flammable cooking fuels and high heat combine to create a real fire risk every day. That’s why automatic fire suppression systems are required in restaurants and other commercial kitchens. In addition, fire extinguishers must be placed within 30 feet to ensure fast action if a flame ignites.

New Jersey Fire Extinguisher Installation

In addition to installing the proper number of fire extinguishers, you also need to select the proper type depending on the fire hazards in your building. For help making the right selection, please contact Confires today.

We have over 30 years of experience providing fire protection services to our customers in New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia.

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