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Is Your Business in Compliance With NFPA Codes & Standards?

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When you manage a commercial building or property, it’s vital to keep it up-to-date on all NFPA codes and standards that apply to your business operation. If you don’t stay in compliance, you not only place your property, staff, and customers at risk, but you may also be subject to expensive fines and penalties if a fire inspector catches your non-compliance.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) makes it easy for business owners to review the codes and standards that pertain to their operations by making the full list available online.

NFPA Free Access 

Request Help With NFPA Code Compliance for Your Business

Confires is proud to offer business owners the full suite of fire protection services that property managers need to ensure their buildings remain in complete compliance with NFPA codes and standards. 

If you need a fire safety professional to help with your NFPA compliance needs, look to Confires to request a fire protection service quote for your commercial building.

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