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Fire Prevention Month

Team members of Confires meeting for a fire safety training.

At Confires, we’re committed to providing fire prevention education for businesses to improve their safety for employees and customers. During this year’s Fire Prevention Month, we’re providing tips for our commercial clients to help limit the risk of fire hazards and the negative impact fires can have on businesses.

To help increase fire safety awareness, we recommend providing reminders of emergency action plans, evacuation routes, and fire extinguisher locations to help prepare for emergencies.

Fire Safety Tips for Businesses

Reduce Risks

You can reduce the risk of fire and ensure safe evacuations for your business in many ways. Keep all flammables away from heat sources, replace frayed or bare wires on cords, and institute a “no smoking” policy.

If your business uses chemicals, make sure they’re stored safely. Read hazard warnings and make sure any waste with chemical residue is disposed of safely. Allow for fast and safe evacuations by eliminating clutter on the floors and ensuring that all exits are well-lit and clearly marked.

Check Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are key for providing anyone on your property with enough warning to exit the building safely during a fire. However, fire alarms are only helpful when they’re properly maintained.

Check all fire alarms monthly and replace the batteries annually. If any fire alarms are over 10 years old, replace them to provide the best protection.

Create & Practice an Escape Plan

Especially in commercial buildings, fires can spread quickly. There’s often no time to waste. With only a minute or two to safely exit the facility, employees need to know the emergency escape plan.

Teach Fire Extinguisher Use

Fire extinguishers can significantly reduce the spread of fire. Teach your employees how to properly use a fire extinguisher and ensure everyone knows where to find them.

Fire extinguishers should also receive annual inspections and six-year maintenance to ensure they function correctly in an emergency.

Have Emergency Contact Information Available

Your business should have a list of emergency contact phone numbers for all employees. We also recommend posting critical information like the company address, important phone numbers, and evacuation routes for employees to access easily, as they may panic in an emergency.

Choose Confires for Fire Protection Services

Confires is here to help you keep your business and employees safe with these key safety tips during Fire Prevention Month. When it comes to year-round safety, trust our team to provide superior fire prevention services like fire alarm systems and monitoringfire sprinkler systems, kitchen fire suppression, and more.

With over 40 years in business, we’ve built a reputation of excellence and work hard to ensure our clients and their properties are safe from fire hazards.

Call the experts at Confires at 888-228-0917 to request a quote.