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Should You Install a Fire Alarm Monitoring System?

Posted on: December 23, 2010

When a fire breaks out in your building, the first thing that goes through your mind is how to get everyone out as quickly as possible. Once you have made sure all of your employees and co-workers are safe and you are a safe distance away from the building, you call the fire department and hope they can save as much of your valuable equipment and data as possible. But what happens if a fire breaks out at night when no one is around to alert the authorities? You could rely solely on your fire sprinkler system, or you could protect your building with a fire alarm monitoring system.


What is a fire alarm monitoring system?

A fire alarm monitoring system connects your building to a central station that will keep a close eye on your building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The fire alarm monitoring system itself consists of a transmitter that is connected to your building’s fire alarm. If there is an emergency that causes the alarm to go off, the transmitter will send a signal to the central station alerting them of the type of emergency (fire, break-in, etc). The station then notifies the proper authorities, usually within 30-60 seconds of receiving the call.

A fire alarm monitoring system is hugely beneficial not only because it can keep your building safe at night when it is unoccupied, but also because if your building is occupied and being evacuated, it will call the fire department almost instantly, saving you precious minutes and potentially saving your business.

How do you choose a fire alarm monitoring system?

When you are installing a fire alarm monitoring system, the most important thing to make sure of is that the system you buy is connected to a UL listed central fire alarm monitoring station. In order to be UL listed, the station must:

  • Have a certain number of operators on staff at all times
  • Have uninterrupted power
  • Have two lines of communications to emergency response employees, such as phone line and digital
  • Be protected from fire and intrusion, and
  • Transmit frequent test signals to ensure that it is always working properly

Installing a fire alarm monitoring system and connecting it to a non-UL listed station is not recommended. Many non-UL fire alarm monitoring stations only have one person on staff during the later hours, could be without power indefinitely, use only standard telephone lines to contact the authorities and are often located in normal homes or offices instead of secure facilities.

Having a fire alarm installed in New Jersey or Delaware is a good first step toward keeping your building safe from fire. But if you want to provide your co-workers, employees, data and equipment with the ultimate protection, keep them safe 24/7 by installing a fire alarm monitoring system. If you want to install a fire alarm monitoring system in your building, call Confires today.

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