Piranha Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

In 1962, ANSUL developed the first fire suppression system designed specifically for commercial kitchens. Now, in response to rapidly changing commercial kitchen environments, they have designed the next generation of kitchen fire suppression technology, designed to quickly and effectively knock back flames while covering the area in a wet chemical blanket to prevent reflash.

How the Piranha Kitchen Fire Suppression System Works

Unlike typical kitchen fire suppression systems, which rely on a fixed amount of wet chemical agent to knock back the flames and prevent reflash while slowly cooling the flames, the Piranha system knocks out flames with the unique PRX liquid fire suppressant then uses water to cool the area.

The Piranha kitchen fire suppression system is activated by a fusible link detector that triggers the ANSUL AUTOMAN release mechanism. This simultaneously pressurizes the agent tank and operates any auxiliary gas or power shut-off devices. The PRX liquid extinguishant then flows through the pipe and is discharged through nozzles directly onto appliance surfaces and into the hood, plenum and ductwork. The wet chemical knocks back the flames in seconds and reacts with the hot grease to form a vapor-suppressing blanket to prevent reflash.

Approximately 10 seconds after the system activates, it automatically switches from extinguishant to water flow to rapidly cool the fuel and the surrounding surfaces.

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Benefits of the Piranha Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Thanks to its rapid flame knockback, fire securing and cooling effects, the Piranha kitchen fire suppression system holds numerous advantages compared to other fire protection systems:

Extremely Fast Cooling

The Piranha kitchen fire suppression system can typically reduce the temperature of cooking oil and grease to below the autoignition point in approximately one minute – 15 times faster than conventional wet chemical fire suppression systems.

Flexible Nozzle and Appliance Placement

The Piranha kitchen fire suppression system offers easy installation for every kitchen layout and arrangement. In most cases, nozzles can be placed in a straight-line overlapping arrangement to protect appliances of all shapes and sizes.

Advanced Agent Technology

The PRX liquid fire suppressant was specifically formulated and tested for use with the Piranha and knocks flames back while forming a vapor suppressing blanket over the fuel source. Best of all, the PRX is a “water enhanced agent” that actually increases in thickness during water discharge.

The Piranha kitchen fire suppression system is compliant with UL 300 and 2092, NFPA 17A, NFPA 96, ASSE and IAPMO compliant.

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