Pyro-Chem Fire Systems

From retail stores and restaurants to museums and paint booths, Pyro-Chem offers fire protection systems for every industry. Founded by Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products, one of the most well-known brands in the fire protection industry, Pyro-Chem provides your business with quality fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems. If you are located in New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE) or the Philadelphia metro area and need to get your current Pyro-Chem fire suppression system inspected or serviced, contact Confires today!

Pyro-Chem Fire Suppression Systems

Would you rather replace your most critical assets or be able to protect them? From historical buildings and art museums to computer rooms and laboratories, Pyro-Chem offers clean agent fire suppression systems to protect your valuables. Leaving no residue and no damage to even your most sensitive electronic equipment, Pyro-Chem’s fire suppression systems minimize downtime and clean-up, allowing you to recover from a fire emergency quickly.

Pyro-Chem’s FM-200 fire suppression systems are fast, effective, safe, clean and environmentally friendly. With sensitive smoke detectors, the Pyro-Chem’s FM-200 fire suppression system can detect fires even in their earliest stages and extinguish them quickly. The FM-200 fire suppression systems releases colorless, odorless gas and does not interfere with your electronic equipment, allowing you to get back to work immediately without worrying about the mess.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

If you are located in New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE) or the Philadelphia metro area and have a Pyro-Chem fire suppression system, contact Confires today! Our fire protection company can inspect and maintain your fire system to keep your business safe from a fire emergency all year long!

Pyro-Chem Kitchen Fire Protection

Commercial kitchens accommodate a large number of appliances that use oil and grease to cook food at extremely high temperatures, creating a high threat environment for potential fires. When a kitchen fire occurs, electrical and gas service lines must be turned off and fire alarms activated to begin suppressing the fire. With a kitchen fire suppression system, all of these processes can be done automatically without putting your kitchen staff in danger.

Pyro-Chem offers the Kitchen Knight II fire suppression system, fully equipping your kitchen with pull stations, detection brackets and fusible links, gas shut off valves, control heads and extinguishing agents that automatically activate when a fire is detected. With Pyro-Chem, you can quickly suppress and effectively extinguish any fire without doing a single thing.

If you are interested in having your Pyro-Chem’s kitchen fire suppression system inspected and/or serviced and are located in New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE) or the Philadelphia metro area, contact Confires today!

Pyro-Chem Authorized Dealer

Confires is an authorized dealer for Pyro-Chem fire suppression systems. Whether you want to learn more about new fire suppression system or need a missing part to repair your Pyro-Chem fire suppression system, we have it! If you are in the New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE) or Philadelphia metro area, contact Confires to get the parts you need. As a Pyro-Chem authorized dealer, we carry all Pyro-Chem manufactured parts including Pyro-Chem nozzles, break rods, refill fluid, fusible links, cartridges, hydro-tested bottles and burst discs. Need help repairing or replacing your fire suppression system’s parts? Schedule an appointment today and our fire protection company will get your Pyro-Chem fire suppression system back to protecting you during a fire.

Pyro-Chem offers a variety of fire system solutions for any industry’s fire safety needs. If you are located in New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE) or the Philadelphia metro area, contact Confires today and we will help you purchase and install the Pyro-Chem fire extinguisher or fire suppression system that can best protect your business in a fire!

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