Is fire alarm monitoring worth it?

A working fire alarm system is one of the most important things you can have in your building. But what happens if a fire breaks out and the alarm goes off when no one is around to hear it? With a normal fire alarm, you could have to wait for someone else to notice a fire in your building and call the fire department. But with a fire alarm monitoring system, the call would be placed within seconds.

What is fire alarm monitoring?

A fire alarm monitoring system connects your fire alarm to a fire alarm monitoring company, who will receive an alert any time your alarm goes off. The alarm monitoring company will then notify the fire department immediately—often in less time than it would take you to get out of the building and call yourself! Fire alarm monitoring works 24/7 to keep your building safe around the clock.

Can our fire safety specialists help your business?

Why do I need fire alarm monitoring?

A fire can double in size and intensity every 30 seconds. And if you don’t have someone watching your back at all times, every second it takes to reach the phone is another opportunity for the fire to spread. With a fire alarm monitoring system, making the call to the fire department is taken care of so you can focus on what’s most important—staying alive and getting everyone out of the building as quickly and safely as possible. Most fire alarm monitoring companies can have the fire department on their way less than five minutes after the first alarm goes off—often in time to save the building.

Next to a fire sprinkler system, a fire alarm monitoring system is the best thing you can do to keep your building safe. If you want more information about fire alarm monitoring, or how to sign up with a fire alarm monitoring company with 30 years of experience that will help keep you safe at any time, call Confires today!