Special Hazard Fire Suppression

At Confires, we are consistently learning about innovative techniques and products in fire protection services. We are trained, authorized distributors, able to install and service all brands of systems, and we are proud to add Firetrace to our list of products.

At Confires, we are dedicated to fire safety. Our team of fire safety professionals designs, installs, and maintains fire alarms, sprinkler systems, extinguishers, kitchen hood/ventilation systems, and suppression systems. For over 30 years, we have been providing complete fire protection services. We can equip you with the leading products on the market, such as Firetrace.

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About Firetrace

Firetrace is a global organization, and its team is proud to be creating a safer world, starting with critical assets in facilities. Firetrace’s parent company, Halma PLC, is is a leader in health and safety solutions. Companies under Halma address many of the key problems in the world.

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Firetrace Systems & Solutions

A fire suppression system is any product designed to stop the spread of a fire. This can prevent major losses and damage, and also allows time for emergency personnel to respond.

There are several types of fire suppression systems available, each suited to a different environment. Engineered fire suppression systems will protect an entire room, whereas pre-engineered systems are used to protect small areas and micro-environments. Engineered systems from Firetrace use clean agents that are safe for electronics and can be inhaled without harming someone.

Pre-engineered systems are available in indirect release and direct release configurations. In direct release systems, the suppressant will come through the hole in the tube directly. In an indirect release system, the tube acts as a detection device and, through pressure change, directs how much suppressant the system should discharge through other pipes and nozzles.

Firetrace offers systems and solutions such as:

Firetrace Applications

No matter the industry, there is always a risk of a fire, no matter how small or large the facility there is. We can build a custom suppression system that can protect your critical machinery and valuable assets.

These applications include:

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