Fire Protection Services for Restaurants

Restaurants are faced with a high fire risk on a daily basis because of the nature of the business. Commercial kitchens house a range of large appliances that run off of electricity, oil, gas, and solid fuels to be able to cook at high temperatures, which create the potential for kitchen fires. To prevent such emergencies, restaurants must have a properly installed and maintained fire protection system to minimize potential damage. Confires is the single-source fire protection service provider for restaurants throughout the New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia areas.

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Commercial Kitchen Hoods, Ducts & Fan Fire Suppression Systems – Inspection, Testing, Service & Sales

commercial-kitchen-hood-systemConfires’ in-house experts work with restaurant owners in New Jersey, Delaware, and Philadelphia to implement commercial kitchen fire safety. Our company offers restaurant owners detailed consultation, on-site coordination, installations, inspections, testing, repairs, and maintenance of fire protection systems. We provide fully integrated hood ventilations, ducts, and fan fire suppression systems to keep your restaurant protected during a kitchen fire.

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Portable Fire Extinguishers for Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens – Inspection, Testing, Service and Sales

Portable fire extinguishers are a necessity in every restaurant. They are the best way to put out small kitchen and dining fires. At Confires, we work with restaurant owners to determine the proper number, size and type of portable extinguishers to use for your restaurant. Additionally, our fire protection company offers on-site training for restaurant employees in New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia, teaching your staff how to properly use a portable fire extinguisher to reduce or eliminate a kitchen fire.

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Exit & Emergency for Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens – Inspection, Testing, Service & Sales

If you need a complete emergency system, we can help! In addition to sprinklers and fire protection equipment, Confires conducts emergency lighting inspections and evaluations of emergency lighting requirements for restaurants around New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia. We provide routine maintenance on restaurant emergency lighting systems to ensure your emergency lighting system will be visible to all diners and restaurant employees during any fire emergency.

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Fire Alarm Systems for Commercial Kitchens – Inspection, Testing, Service & Sales

Fire alarm systems are essential for keeping your restaurant safe as they are the quickest way to alert staff and guests about a fire emergency. At Confires, our fire alarm inspectors perform annual fire alarm testing for restaurants and commercial kitchens in New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia to make sure your fire alarm system will operate if and when a fire emergency occurs. Our fire protection company offers both fire alarm inspections and maintenance to ensure your restaurant’s fire alarms meet national and local fire safety requirements.

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24-Hour Emergency Service

At Confires, we take your restaurant’s fire protection very seriously and will respond to your emergency call immediately every single day of the year.

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