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Range Guard Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

For over 37 years, Range Guard kitchen fire suppression systems have been protecting restaurants and commercial kitchens throughout the New Jersey, Delaware, and Philadelphia area from fires that could flare up while cooking. Featuring unprecedented heat sensing technology using six heat detectors and with an operating range of 0F to 120F, Range Guard fire suppression systems provide almost instant, round-the-clock fire detection with superior wet chemical technology that quickly suppresses fires and prevents reflash.

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Why Install a Range Guard Kitchen Fire Suppression System?

Range Guard kitchen fire suppression systems are designed to provide maximum kitchen fire protection with minimum maintenance. Specialized nozzles are designed to provide superior coverage, while the wet chemical fire suppression agent provides excellent saponification, meaning it basically turns burning fat and grease (the primary flammables in a commercial kitchen) into soap, quickly putting out the flames and preventing reflash. Once the area has cooled, the soap can simply be wiped away, leaving no mess.

Range Guard kitchen fire suppression systems are highly customizable to your needs and can be custom designed to fit into any commercial kitchen layout. Best of all, the Range Guard kitchen fire suppression system components can usually be incorporated into your existing fire suppression system. This makes not only installation but also updates, upgrades and improvements much easier and more cost effective.

Special Range Guard Fire Suppression System Features

Range Guard kitchen fire suppression systems have a number of special features that separate them from other kitchen fire suppression systems:

  • Flexible piping configurations for easy installation
  • Factory filled stored pressure cylinders with chrome plated valves
  • Valves with incorporated pressure gauges for at-a-glance readiness status indication
  • Easily identifiable smaller nozzles with internal strainers and foil bursting discs that prevent blockage during discharge
  • Swivel adapters available for nozzles
  • Systems available in black, chrome plated with stainless steel piping or stainless steel with brass tubing

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