Fire Protection Services in Gloucester

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As a business owner in Gloucester Township and Camden County you’re well aware of the importance of having an adequate fire safety and protection plan in place. If you’re looking to bolster the defenses of your business, or you need a qualified fire protection company for inspections and repair, Confires is the experienced team you can trust.

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Fire Alarm Systems in Gloucester, New Jersey

Alarms are often a business’ first line of defense against a fire, providing as much time and forewarning as possible to ensure the safety of your clients, associates, and assets. Confires offers a wide range of fire alarm services in Gloucester including new fire alarm installation, emergency fire alarm repair, and annual fire alarm inspections.

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Sprinkler Systems in Gloucester, New Jersey

Sprinkler systems are able to respond regardless of whether you have personnel on the premises or not. These systems are integral for reducing damage to your business, and even for saving lives. At Confires we take fire suppression seriously, and provide all of the support and services needed to keep your Gloucester business effectively protected against a blaze. When you need fire sprinkler installation, repair, or inspections, call on our team.

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Portable Fire Extinguishers in Gloucester, New Jersey

In the hands of a trained employee, a fire extinguisher can stop a small flame before it gets out of hand. In more dire straits, extinguishers offer a means of safe egress, helping to reduce the risk of injury or fatality for your employees and patrons. Confires will help you in selecting the proper fire extinguishers for your needs, as well as providing replacement, recharge, and routine quarterly and annual fire extinguisher inspections.

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Exit & Emergency in Gloucester, New Jersey

Emergency lighting limits chaos and helps building occupants find their way to safety in the event of an emergency. Confires offers a comprehensive emergency lighting inspection service, as well as emergency lighting sales and repair for your Gloucester business.

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Commercial Fire Suppression Systems in Gloucester, New Jersey

In many businesses, a standard water or deluge fire sprinkler system may not be the right choice. Confires offers specialized dry chemical and electronic-safe fire suppression systems that are ideal for use in data centers, computer rooms, areas where sensitive files and papers are stored, and for many industrial applications.

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