Fire Protection Services in Trenton, NJ

When you have a business to run, your building’s fire protection is probably not something you want to worry about every day. Don’t let concerns about safety interfere with your normal day-to-day operations—just call Confires! For over 30 years, Confires Fire Protection Services has been a leader in fire protection in the Trenton, New Jersey area, installing, repairing, replacing and maintaining all manner of fire protection systems, from fire sprinklers and extinguishers to alarms, exit lights, and everything in between!

Whether your business is by the Delaware River or farther into town, our expert team of technicians can handle all your fire protection services.

We provide the following services to businesses in Trenton, New Jersey:

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Fire Alarm Systems in Trenton, New Jersey

Fire alarms are the fastest way to alert people in your building of an emergency and help them get out as quickly and safely as possible. In order to ensure they are always working properly, your fire alarms should frequently be professionally inspected. At Confires, we can check all the components of your fire alarm system, including the panels, detectors, pull stations, horns, strobes, enunciators and door holders. We will also replace the emergency batteries and keep detailed records of past inspections to ensure the fire alarm system in your Trenton building is always in proper working order.

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Fire Sprinkler Systems in Trenton, New Jersey

If you’re looking for 24-hour commercial fire protection for your Trenton, New Jersey business, you need a sprinkler system. Without a doubt, a working, well-maintained fire sprinkler system is the number one most effective piece of equipment you can have to keep your building safe from fire. The professionals at Confires work with you to inspect, test, evaluate, and (if necessary) repair your sprinkler systems to protect your most valuable assets and ensure you are always in compliance with NFPA and local New Jersey fire marshal codes.

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Portable Fire Extinguishers in Trenton, New Jersey

Fire extinguishers are an easy way to put out small fires before they escalate into anything serious. But in order for them to do this, they have to be in good working order! There’s nothing worse than going for a fire extinguisher and finding out it’s not properly charged. For this reason, it is important to make sure the portable fire extinguishers in your building are in working order. At Confires, our licensed fire professionals will help you choose the correct size, number and type of extinguishers for your building in Trenton. We also inspect, test and maintain the fire extinguishers to ensure they are always up to code.

Not confident your employees know how to work your fire extinguisher? No problem! Confires also offers onsite fire extinguisher training to local businesses in Trenton, NJ. At these training sessions, the employees learn to properly and safely use portable fire extinguishers.

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Exit & Emergency in Trenton, New Jersey

emergency-lightingEmergency lighting helps maintain order, prevent panic and enable safe and swift evacuation of your building during a fire or other emergency situation. The fire protection experts at Confires will make sure your building’s emergency lighting is up to code and working properly by inspecting and testing all batteries, battery charging systems, bulbs and any other emergency exit lighting hardware.

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Kitchen Hoods and Ventilation Systems in Trenton, New Jersey

If you own or operate a commercial kitchen or a restaurant kitchen in Trenton, and need kitchen fire suppression system installation, testing or maintenance, contact the Confires professionals! We specialize in the installation, inspection, testing and maintenance of kitchen hoods and ventilation systems.

With the constant presence of high heat and flammable materials, kitchens are constantly at risk for fires. Our coordinators schedule semi-annual inspections at your Trenton business or restaurant’s convenience so you can be sure you’re protected at all times. We go the extra mile and if our fire protection professionals find deficiencies in your system, we put together a proposal for you right away so you can stay in business.

If your Trenton restaurant or business doesn’t have a kitchen hood or fire suppression system already installed, Confires offers a wide range of products and services designed specifically with modern commercial kitchen fire suppression in mind. We are the largest kitchen fire suppression system company in the area and have 30 years of expertise so we have the ability to expertly design and install the right fire suppression system for your kitchen.

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Suppression Systems in Trenton, New Jersey

Fire suppression systems are typically used to protect financial records, data storage, computer rooms, industrial equipment, health care records, collectibles and historical sites. At Confires, we ensure your building’s fire suppression system in Trenton, New Jersey is properly inspected and maintained and provides customized end-to-end fire protection solutions specifically designed and engineered around your needs. Our fire suppression system professionals also train your employees to understand the proper operation and maintenance of the system, and they keep accurate records required by code and AHJ officials.

We offer 24-hour emergency fire protection service in Trenton for all fire protection systems and needs. Call Confires Fire Protection Services to learn more about fire protection, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and more in Trenton, New Jersey!

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Confires has over 30 years of experience providing complete fire protection services for businesses, organizations, government buildings, and restaurants in New Jersey, Delaware, and Philadelphia. Our number one focus is yoursafety—we want to make sure your employees, property, and valuables are safe from the dangers of potential fires. We take pride in our “customer first” reputation, and will do whatever it takes to make sure your property and valuables are protected from fire hazards and that your building meets firesafety codes.

The best thing about partnering with Confires is that we are your single-source solution for all fire protection services. Our experienced fire safety professionals specialize in all aspects of fire protection—from fire suppression system design and engineering to sales, installation, testing and inspection, maintenance and repairs; from fire sprinklers, fire pumps and commercial kitchen fire suppression to fire alarms, extinguishers and emergency exit lighting—we do it all!

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