Viking Fire Sprinklers Systems

For over 80 years, the name Viking has been associated with global leadership in fire protection. And with some of the most effective and reliable fire sprinkler systems in the world, it’s easy to see why. If you own a building in New Jersey, Delaware or Philadelphia and want to protect it with a Viking fire sprinkler system, call Confires today!

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Viking Standard Coverage Fire Sprinkler Systems

Available in standard response and quick response models, Viking standard coverage fire sprinklers are the preferred fire sprinklers for most light commercial fire protection. With upright, pendant, sidewall, domed concealed and flush sprinkler heads that are available in a variety of colors, Viking standard coverage fire sprinklers are designed to fit every application, both functionally and aesthetically.

Viking Extended Coverage Fire Sprinkler Systems

Also available in standard and quick response, Viking extended coverage fire sprinkler systems are designed so that every fire sprinkler head covers a much wider area, limiting the number of fire sprinklers required to protect your building. They are available in upright and pendant, horizontal sidewall and domed concealed models and are perfect for areas with large amounts of flammable materials as they can pre-wet surrounding materials in the event of fire, limiting its spread.

Viking Storage Fire Sprinklers

If you own or operate a warehouse in New Jersey, Delaware or Philadelphia, you know how important it is to keep the fire risk at the absolute minimum. Viking storage sprinklers come in both pendant and in-rack varieties, affording you the maximum level of protection for any storage configuration.

Activation Temperature Color Temperature Rating
135F (57C) Orange Ordinary
155F (68C) Red Ordinary
175F (79C) Yellow Intermediate
200 or 212F (93 or 100C) Green Intermediate
286F Blue High
360F Purple Extra High
500F Black Ultra High

If you want a Viking fire sprinkler system in your New Jersey, Delaware or Philadelphia building, call Confires today!

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