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Fire Protection for Schools in Delaware

Posted on: February 2, 2017

You have many responsibilities as the manager of a daycare center, preschool, grade school, or university in Delaware. Not only must you make sure everyone receives a quality education, but you must also ensure a safe learning environment. This includes understanding the fire risks that threaten your Delaware school, and the techniques for fighting them.

Fire Risks in Delaware Schools

The National Fire Protection Association reports that about 5,690 educational institutions suffer from fire damage every year in the US. School fires injure about 85 civilians and cause $92 million in property damage annually.

The majority of losses occur in elementary, middle, and high school facilities, where more than 70% of fires in this category break out. In these buildings, half of all blazes are set intentionally. The other two leading causes of fire in schools are cooking equipment and playing with fire.

The Importance of Fire Protection Equipment

Having the right equipment in place is the first step of any fire mitigation plan for schools in Delaware. To ensure maximum protection, install the following systems in your school building:

Installing this equipment is a vital first step, but ongoing inspections, testing, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades are also needed. Confires performs all these services for schools in Delaware.

Protect Your School in Other Ways

Automated equipment can save lives, but having employees educated in fire safety protocols makes your fire protection equipment even more effective. Make sure all teachers and staff know:

  • How to use a fire extinguisher (we highly recommend formal annual training from Confires)
  • The locations of fire extinguishers and pull stations
  • How to read evacuation route maps
  • The need to use the stairs, not the elevator, in case of a fire
  • Emergency exit locations, plus the importance of keeping these routes clear at all times
  • How to take attendance and look after students during a fire drill

Confires Offers Fire Protection for Schools in Delaware

Take a proactive approach to prevent fires in your school. Then, minimize the loss of life and property in case of fire by obtaining professional fire protection services from Confires. With our fire protection experts on your team, you’ll know your school is compliant with Delaware fire codes. We can assist you with every aspect of protecting your school, including installing fire alarms, inspecting fire extinguishers, and helping you implement your fire safety plan.

To schedule fire protection services for Delaware schools, please contact Confires today. We offer 30 years of industry experience to our customers in New Jersey and Delaware. 


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